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Week 2 (Sept. 19-22)

Attended Leica 1950 cryostat demo (assembled last week). Worked on anesthesia machine (examined features, magnetic switch within pin for holding ventilator needed replacing, took apart and reassembled with repaired switch, tested). Operated lathe to machine aluminum pole inserts to hold IV poles on surgical beds. Diagnosed pressure fault on anesthesia machine. Reviewed inventory and work/time assignment with TMS database. Examined bladder scanner and its operation. Repaired broken bed footboard (plastic clips snapped and needed glue repair). Examined 2-stroke eco motor online. Replaced bulbs on microscopes. Attended lecture “Imaging: The Big Picture” by Courtney Allen (Virginia Mason) at the WSBA Symposium on Saturday (NSCC campus).

Week 1 (Sept. 12-15)

Monday: First week of volunteer activity at HMC. Rob H assigned as mentor. Crew (18) greetings. “rounds” taken and familiarization with building layout. Localized activities of group: biomed general, respiratory, bed shop, pumps. Introduction to infusion pumps. $100 million in inventory.

Tues and Wed: bed shop. New terminology: Fowler (raised 45deg back position of bed), Gatch (knee section), Trendelenburg (whole bed surface tilting toward head; reverse-Trendelenburg) . Numerous bed manufacturers and types: Joerns, Zone Air (320 units), Stryker, Ambassador. Features: air bladders (not for spine patients), hi-lo switch, CPR hand operated switch (to lower bed manually for CPR purposes), casters (lock or straight), strain guages (weight sensors) to alarm staff of patient movement or bed exit, spine beds (stable mattress), ICU beds, bariatric beds (+500lb patients). Identified issues with newest Stryker beds: low battery life, collection of fluid in head board electronics cavity. Went through functions: hi-lo, testing. Corrected failed raise function of foot section (motor interface sheared plastic teeth off), broken ground lead on power plug (diagnostics on foot board). 6th floor storage of extra beds.

Thurs: Discussed/demoed TMS database. Unpacked and assembled Leica CM1950 Cryostat. Needed 15A power outlet, no issue as available in neuropathology lab.